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Hurricane Season - June 1st thru November 30th

The City of Covington is prepared to communicate pertinent information and available emergency resources to assist our community's storm disaster preparedness efforts and recovery requirements necessary to rapidly return to normal conditions.  The City urges all residents to have evacuation plans in place should there be a mandatory evacuation order directive and ensure homes are secured for projected storm conditions.  City Emergency Essential Staff will report to work during and remain working through declared emergencies. 

Below are links to assist you as you prepare for the hurricane season:

Hurricane & Flooding Safety Information Guide

ALERT St. Tammany - Register Today!

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ALERT St. Tammany is an essential public safety service provided to you by St. Tammany Parish government, informing you of dangerous weather notices, evacuation orders, and security or health issues -- emergency messages pertinent to the City of Covington and St. Tammany Parish sent direct to your phone.  By accessing the Self-Registration Page at, you can input your information through a simple two-step process.

This process allows you to enter multiple contact numbers, so in the event that you are away from your home phone or if you only have a cell phone, you can still be reached by our alert system on your mobile phone. This is extremely important, especially considering the on-the-go lifestyles many of us lead today.

Register today for life saving alerts. Public safety issues can happen at any time—night or day. If anyone you know does not have internet access, urge them to visit any local library branch to register through one of their public computers.