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Information Regarding New Trash and Recycling Pickup Schedules

The following is an informational message from Mayor Mark in regards to changes to garbage and recycling pickup.

Beginning next week our waste company will pick up on Wednesdays ONLY. Unfortunately, I fear most of our neighbors and friends do not / will not know this. I'm asking you to please contact one or two folks and let them know ... and ask them to tell a couple of more folks. Forward this e-mail, call, text, social-media or Morse code.


Originally, changing the whole city to Wednesdays ONLY was scheduled for mid April. The idea was we, the City, would have plenty of time to notify residents. That change is on the current water bill. Now, it's wrong.


With the suspension of recycling, it made sense to make the change effective starting this Wednesday, April 1.


FAQ answered: Yes, you may use your recycle bin for waste.

MapsFridays Most Affected

 This Monday will not get picked up till Wednesday. No biggie.
Wednesday's folks will get picked up on... Wednesday.


However, if you know a Friday-someone, make sure they know cans out this Wednesday. If not, it'll be the following Wednesday. Yuk.

Green Waste / Bulk Debris Sporadic

Due to driver / labor shortage:


Green waste / bulk debris pick-up will be sporadic.


Please, bag what you can and leave out on Wednesday, OR place it inside your cans.