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St. Tammany Health System Workers On The Front Line

The following is a message from Mayor Mark Johnson on March 23, 2020


St. Tammany Health System Workers
On the Front Line

Today I have been in communication with St. Tammany Health System (formerly St. Tammany Parish Hospital). I am pleased to report the System is providing care to all patients requiring hospitalization and is not near capacity. The System has the space, the technology, the materials and the personnel to properly care for all patients (COVID or otherwise).


The Hospital has instituted an outdoor triage to meet Louisiana Department of Health and CDC expectations. Outdoor triage helps decrease the number of individuals entering and leaving the hospital building itself.


If you or a friend want to confirm symptoms or have concerns, there are several options: You can call 985-898-4001 to schedule a Virtual Visit with a St. Tammany Health System provider.


Second, their partner Ochsner has a 24-hour nurse on call at 866-230-1977. You can talk through symptoms right on the phone.


Or third, you can click here to start an Ochsner Anywhere Care Video Visit if you don’t want to schedule one with ours.


From the Hospital … “Please know that your St. Tammany Health System is caring for patients, has capacity, and is preparing along with others throughout the US healthcare system to continue to respond. Everything that you can do to encourage everyone you know to stay home, to prevent the spread of the virus is helpful. We are keeping our website and social media channels updated with accurate, true information every day. Please read the news section on and visit to see accurate information about St. Tammany Health System.”

The outdoor triage facility allows patients to be screened prior to entering the hospital building. Once assessed, a patient can be admitted or discharged based on their needs.