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Debris Removal Update!

An Excerpt from City of Covington's Facebook Page

Why is it taking so long for the debris piles from the storm (5 weeks ago) to be picked up? As I (Mayor Mark) shared yesterday at coffee, the city had two choices:

1) Activate Debris Mangagement Plan whereby independent contractors flock into the area, cutting and hauling debris to a pre-determined reserved site. The City's cost for this after March 2016 flood was about $200,000, 80% reimbursed by FEMA (federally declared disaster area). TS Olga removal would have cost close
r to $100,000 with no FEMA remibursment (not a federal disaster area). OR

2) We allow our regular company, Coastal Environmental Services, to pick the debris up with their two boom trucks. The additional cost to the taxpayer is $0. It is included in our monthly disposal fee. To date, Coastal has removed over 600 tons of debris. Obviously, they still have a way to go.

Looking at the other needs of our City, I chose NOT to spend the extra $100,000 of taxpayer dollars. That said, to increase attention to a specific pile, call 985-898-4738. Check the current newsletter (Braswell's, I-Stop, BecknCall, Acquistapace's) for more details.