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W 15th Ave Culvert Washout Repair / LaDOTD Project H.012751

Barriere Construction Co, the contractor for this project, has mobilized some equipment to the work site this week. Next week, the Contractor will make preparations to accept delivery of 240 feet of 8 ft X 10 ft precast box culverts which will be set in place in the Rattlesnake Creek in accordance with plans of Richard C Lambert Consulting Engineers. Representatives for the Contractor have assured the City that it will work seven days a week until the roadway/drainage project is completed, provided there are no unforeseen delays. It is anticipated that the project will be completed in just several weeks at which time this portion of W 15th Ave will again be open to pedestrian, bicycling, and vehicular traffic.


W 11th Ave Bridge at Mile Branch Repair Project

The W 11th Ave Bridge was closed to all vehicular traffic on March 30, 2017 as a result of an inspection by LaDOTD which identified critical deficiencies in the timber piling substructure. The City of Covington retained the consulting engineering firm of T Baker Smith (TBS) to develop plans and specifications to remedy one particular area of piling deterioration so the bridge may possibly be temporarily reopened to vehicular traffic only (3-5 ton load limit). Currently, sealed quotes are being solicited from qualified contractors to make the specified repairs. A contractor will be selected after the June 1st deadline for submission of quotes. Once the repairs are completed and the bridge is reopened for low-weight vehicular traffic, the City will review options to provide a more extensive rehabilitation of the bridge in order to allow traffic to resume up to a 25-ton load limit.




W 29th Ave Bridge at Mile Branch Rehabilitation Project

Funding was provided in the 2017 Adopted City Budget for the rehabilitation of this local bridge. The consulting engineering firm of T Baker Smith (TBS) was retained in January by the City of Covington to develop plans and specifications for this bridge rehabilitation project. During its inspection of the bridge in late March, the engineering firm detected significant decay in several areas of the timber substructure and recommended that the bridge be posted for a maximum load of 3 tons, allowing for automobile and pickup truck traffic only. At this time, TBS is in the preliminary design stage of the rehabilitation project which will include, at minimum, the removal of the deck and replacement of all timber piles, abutment curtain walls, and wing walls. Once final plans and specifications are prepared, bids will be solicited, a contractor will be selected, and the bridge will be completely closed for the duration of the construction period.


“I am happy to acknowledge that these important infrastructure projects are moving forward and that, once completed, they will provide safety and convenience for our residents and for those who regularly travel our local roadways. We continue to identify ways in which we can make improvements to our infrastructure that is within our financial means and that will be lasting and durable. I want to thank our citizens for their patience as we continue with these and other public works projects around our city.” – Mayor Mike Cooper.




Bridget Watson, Executive Assistant to the Mayor