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Planning and Zoning


Welcome to the City of Covington Planning Department, where we prepare and build for Covington's future.

From 2004 - 2011, the City of Covington embarked upon a community-wide comprehensive planning effort where the citizens of  Covington met to discuss and formulate plans for the city's future. This planning effort was envisioned to be a proactive guide for the growth, economic development and land use for the City of Covington through the Year 2030.

During the comprehensive planning effort, the city's 1998 Comprehensive Plan was updated and approved in 2007, the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and map were adopted in 2010 and the update of Subdivision Ordinance was adopted in 2011. With the adoption of these three key planning legislations, the city is able to promote orderly growth, development and redevelopment of the community that is consistent with the values, goals and objectives of its citizenry.

Planning Department Core Services

The Planning Department's mission is to promote quality sustainable development within the City through such programs as growth and land use management, community development and historical preservation. Our goal is to provide all services and information in an efficient and customer-focused manner.

The Planning Department administers the regulations that govern how land is developed within the City of Covington. Also, the department is in charge of long-range planning efforts and special project plans.

Listed below are the department's core land development services:

1.  Zoning Verification
2.  Sign Permits
3.  Subdivision Process
4.  Rezoning Process
5.  Covington Historical District Review Process
6.  Street / Alley Revocation Process
7.  Annexation Process
8.  Conditional Use Permit Process