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Welcome to Covington! If you are planning a visit or a move to Covington, here are a few reasons we are proud to call Covington home:   

  • Historical Past - For literally centuries, Covington has been attracting people with its promises of clean air and healing waters. In fact, Covington celebrated its Bicentennial Anniversary in 2013. A walk from the beautifully restored Southern Hotel, circa 1907, on Boston Street through all the downtown streets of Covington feels like a walk back in time
  • Promising Future - Covington's big city culture and small town charm is only part of what attracts visitors, new businesses and new residents to our city. As the parish seat and home of the Justice Center, St. Tammany Parish Hospital, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and other medical institutions, Covington is proud to be the legal and medical center of the north shore where hundreds of lawyers and doctors have chosen to practice.
  • Arts and Culture - Despite its stature in the legal and medical fields, Covington is probably best known for its Arts District. The nationally registered Historic District in downtown Covington is filled with art galleries of every medium and style. If you appreciate any type of art, Covington is the place for you!
  • Education - In addition to a stellar public school system, Covington is home to five academically acclaimed and/or athletically superior private schools.
  • Nature at its Best - Nestled between three rivers, all of Covington is a "scenic route." Whether you are picnicking in one of our parks or strolling down one of our tree-lined streets, Covington's natural beauty and quality of life are why you will never want to leave.
If you are planning a visit or a move to Covington or if you are opening a new business here, please give us a call or send us an email.  We will do everything we can to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible. On behalf of the administration, the businesses, the families that have lived here for generations, and those who are new to the area: